PHP IDE: The10 Best IDEs for PHP Programmers

All set to get your hands dirty with PHP? PHP IDE is the first tool that you need to get started with PHP programming. There are many IDEs available in the market, both free and paid, and selecting one can be a difficult task.

It is absolutely possible to get started with PHP programming in a basic text editor, like notepad, but better is to start off with a feature rich and complete PHP IDE like NetBeans. PHPStorm, VIM, Zend Studio, Cloud9 or Atom, specifically if it is about professional web development and not just hobby.

A good IDE comes packed with tons of features and facilitates rapid development and effective PHP programming. Integrated development environment is developer’s playground and better is to spend time upfront to select an IDE that best fits requirements.

Which one should you go for? This question is for you and the decision depends on what you need, like, and can afford. It is not a bad idea to try a few before closing on to one.

There are many cross platform IDEs that are supported on Windows, Linux and Mac and are available for free download. If you are a beginner web developer, planning to learn PHP, my recommendation is to go ahead with freely available IDEs like NetBeans, VIM, Atom or Eclipse PDT.

Enterprises and professional developers can also get the job done with these free IDEs but there are commercial and more advanced IDEs available as well that are backed by enterprises and support latest and modern set of features. These IDEs include PHPStorm, Sublime Text, Zend Studio, Nusphere, PHPED, PHP Designer and Cloud 9, to name a few.

If your idea is to simply play around with PHP coding without setting up your system, then online PHP IDE like can also be tried. Other simple online options include and (more…)